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    300010 Harness


  • The special design of the harness optimizes wind resistance to a minimum during shooting.
  • The harness fits body well. Padded layer makes the harness comfortable for body and ensures free work of arms while skiing. Shoulder padding ensures comfort between harness and the athelte's back.
  • Braced schoulderstraps ensure the harness holds its shape and make shooting drill faster and easier.
  • The length of the fixing bolt ensures a good distance between the barrel and athlete's nape.
  • Recent improvements:
    • Reduced size.
    • Better fit.
    • Enhanced attachment of rifle.
    • Reinforced bracket in harness.
  • Included in the set:
    • Tightening wrench for mounting bolt.
    • Bracket and screws to attach the elastic straps to the buttstock.
  • Materials: leather, elastic straps, metal, plastic.
  • Product number: 300010

219,00 VAT 24%

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