Gift card 100 €

Gift card 100 €

Best presents for Biathlon from beginner to competitor, to competition, to training and leisure!

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Technical Information

Gift card available for all Biathlonshop produts!

- Biathon equipments:

- Puuru wax benches:

- Ecoaims Biathlon sets:

Gift card valid for one year from date of purchase.

Compatible products

Puuru PP-1

PP-1 wax bench

Puuru PP-2

PP-2 wax bench

Puuru PP Profile

PP-PROFILE wax bench

300018 Biathlon rifle bag

Biathlon rifle bag

300010 Harness


3000017 Magnetic target plate

Magnetic board

300220 Armband


Armsling Pirate Senior

Armsling Pirate

300191 Two sided eyeshade

Two sided eye shade "ANSCHÜTZ"

300014 Hand stopper, strap holder

Hand stopper & strap holder Larsen

Rifle sling

Rifle sling