Two sided eye shade "ANSCHÜTZ"

Two sided eye shade "ANSCHÜTZ"

Soft and flexible eyeshadow/blinder that gives optimal protection for both eyes during shooting.

Technical Information

  • Gives proper protection of both eyes at the same time; stops sunshine to distract your right eye and makes you possible to keep your left eye fully open during shooting. 
  • This can be for good help during shooting - especially for cadets. Can be used also for left hand shooters.
  • It´s fully flexible and bendable - this prevent damage of the diopter. 
  • There are no metalsupport to keep the shape of the product, therefor it wont damage the diopter.
  • Fits straight on the original aimingtube. Delivered with a spacer to give enough room for sideclick adjustment.
  • Product number: 300191

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