Biathlon equipment

E00503A 1640CISY Rifle case M

Rifle case, strong

Black, durable plastic case and shockproof design. 

Biathlon shooting mat "IBU"

Biathlon shooting mat "IBU"

All-weather biathlon mat for competition, training and coaching. IBU Model.

300010 Harness


The special design of the harness optimizes wind resistance to a minimum during shooting.

B00290A Spare cartridge holder Kurvinen

Spare cartridge holder

Holds six cartridges, screw mount to wooden stock.

300024 Handstopper Kurvinen

Handstopper Kurvinen

For attaching a rifle sling to the stock, aluminum. 

300014 Hand stopper, strap holder

Hand stopper & strap holder Larsen

For attaching a rifle sling to the stock, plastic. 

300018 Biathlon rifle bag

Biathlon rifle bag

Biathlon rifle bag that can be carried by the shoulder straps of the rifle inside.

300051 Biathlon rifle case cadet junior

300051 Biathlon cadet rifle bag

Biathlon rifle bag for rifles without shoulder straps (cadet/junior rifle).

3000017 Magnetic target plate

Magnetic board

Two sided magnetic board, including magnets, neck straps and document clips.

300191 Two sided eyeshade

Two sided eye shade "ANSCHÜTZ"

Soft and flexible eyeshadow/blinder that gives optimal protection for both eyes during shooting.

300013 Eyeshade

Eye shade

Eyeshade for diopter sight.

Rifle sling

Rifle sling

Rifle sling, for right and left handed shooters.

300003 Armsling Senior


Ergonomic design for optimum adaptation to the upper arm. Easily adjustable sling size.

For right and left hand shooters. 

Armsling Pirate Senior

Armsling Pirate

Armsling made of durable polyester ribbon. Anti-slip rubber on rear side, solid metal buckle. 

For right and left hand shooters. 

300220 Armband


Neoprene armband with printed rubber on both sides, to be used under the armsling.

60329 Rifle rest, 3 heights

Rifle rest

Rifle rest for children, young people and beginners.